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About Us. 

Hendzel Productions is a team of creative, experienced filmmakers.  Like in sports, our success doesn’t come from a single individual but rather from the hard work of the entire team. We take this team approach to both shooting and editing.  As a full service video production company, Hendzel Productions is available for your wedding, live event or commercial project. 


We really couldn’t have been happier with the treatment we received with Mike and his team.
— Adam W. 7/27/13


Meet Mike...


Mike is the owner of Hendzel Productions, LLC. When he's not shooting or editing, Mike is Executive Assistant to 3 adorable, yet ungrateful cats.  A life-long Chicagoan, Mike received his BA from Northeastern Illinois University in Communications, Media and Theatre.  A film and music buff, Mike is married to Chicago Wedding Photographer Victoria Sprung.  After charming her with a discussion about the band Queen, Mike and Victoria tied the knot in April of 2012.



Meet Ali...

Ali is Hendzel Productions' Senior Editor.  Ali has over a decade of experience in entertainment and a passion for telling good stories. She has a background in improv and sketch comedy and teaches kids’ classes at The Second City Training Center. Ali is a native New Yorker and proud adopted Chicagoan.  Ali has one cat and two real children.   


Meet Thane...

Thane is one of Hendzel Productions Senior Shooters.  Thane's background includes years of shooting still photos as a hobby.  Shooting on film forced him to become an exposure perfectionist.  A native Floridian, Thane has spent the last decade enjoying Chicago winters.  Thane is also the father of two cats.  


Meet Wally...

Wally is Hendzel Productions' lead Production Assistant and Mike's father.  With decades of diverse repair experience from helicopters, to printing presses, to cars, Wally can literally fix everything and the kitchen sink.    Feel free to ask Wally if you want to see footage from Mike's 8th Grade Drama Club performances. 

Every shoot is different.  Hendzel Productions has a growing pool of talent from which we can tap to fit the unique needs of your shoot.  Contact us today to get more information. 

Mike’s recap film brought our family members to tears and captured moments my husband and I missed!
— Lauren K. 5/24/14